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Whether your client is a media production or distribution company, law enforcement agency, law firm, government agency or any sort of business, company or individual, Ms. Winnick will work hard so they can receive polished and affordable subtitles, transcripts or documents in a timely manner. Please scroll down to learn more about the different services offered and her credentials for providing these services.

Marie is a proud member of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers as of 2017 and a member of the American Translators Association as of 2012.

Subtitles: In the past year, Ms. Winnick has translated Spanish and Italian subtitles and provided quality control for several major television networks and streaming services, as well as respected independent video production companies. She has also created templates in .srt files. The types of media involved have so far included:

  • short documentaries
  • feature films
  • TV episodes

In addition to artistic media projects, Marie is happy to provide subtitle services for informational videos. She is also open to offering dubbing and voice-over services if there is enough of a demand for it. She learned how to translate timed scripts for dubbing when she was a translation studies graduate student at the University of Chicago, so she already has the knowledge.

Marie's view on the art of subtitling: As part of the film-making process, subtitle translation is like script analysis, screenwriting and post-production editing all at once. And it is no less of a collaborative art than the rest of the film-making process, because a subtitle artist must always work with the QA team. The litmus test of great subtitling is whether the viewer is able to suspend their disbelief that there are any subtitles present at all. Marie would not have it any other way. While she was an undergraduate at Columbia College film school, she spent more time renting foreign subtitled DVDs from the video store than she did working on film crews.

Ms. Winnick loves to translate media subtitles from Italian and Spanish because it's like putting together an eleven-dimensional puzzle. First, there are the shot changes, audio timing, strategic positioning of the words on the screen, reading speed, line treatment, semantic accuracy of the translation, grammar and punctuation (which is not exactly the same as for conventional text), and appropriate writing style and register to reflect each character's personality on screen. 

If it's a narrative story, or at least if the video includes conversations that build up interactionally, pragmatics become especially important. The translation needs to reflect the original screenwriter's narrative build-up between speakers so that no coherence or cohesion from the story gets lost. The chosen words for translation must also complement the images and sounds in the scene, both verbal and non-verbal, so that they all tell the story together. This way the viewer can comprehend the words of the plot while being able to soak in the full effect of the video itself: the directing, actors' performance, on-screen action, cinematography, set design, special effects, editing, and sound design. And all this needs to be accomplished within the limited time and space that the screen and frame projection allow. Very few translators are capable of making so many pieces of so many dimensions fit securely together.

Again, Ms. Winnick wouldn't have it any other way.



Law enforcement transcriptions: Ms. Winnick has been honored to produce clear and accurate transcripts of hard-working, dedicated police officers and detectives for district attorneys in some major U.S. metropolitan areas. She would also be honored to work for certain defense attorneys, if the opportunity came. She can handle all American English and Spanish audio recordings of:

  • suspect interrogations 
  • body-cam recordings
  • 911 calls
  • wire taps
  • witness statements
  • meetings
  • officer reports
  • jail phone calls
  • victim interviews
  • pretext phone calls

Her most familiar Spanish dialects are those of Mexico and Central America, and she has a network of trusted colleagues who are native speakers from those regions.



Market research and business communications: 

Optimize communication with your Italian and Spanish-speaking markets and colleagues.

Good Spanish and Italian > English translation of survey responses, whether qualitative or quantitative, cannot be done without a translator who has in-depth knowledge of dialects and colloquialisms from across those worlds. It is a world that is so vast that even the most knowledgeable translators still need to have a strong network of colleagues to constantly help them continue to expand their knowledge.

Survey translation also requires a translator who is able to think mathematically and translate survey responses using very precise language so that the analysts have no doubt as to what the respondent really meant.

Marie has acquired these critical skills with over seven years of survey translation in a variety of industries, including:

  • automotive
  • consumer products 
  • pharmaceutical 
  • telecommunications 
  • cinema
  • food and beverage
  • personal care products
  • IT

Translation of B2B and B2C correspondence also requires extensive knowledge of different dialects and colloquialisms, though machine translation post-editing skills have recently become just as important.

Post-editing is not the same as editing a human-made translation. In order to give clients the most value for their money, an MT post-editor needs to have a basic idea of how a translation machine works, in order to work with the programmers to teach the machine to translate more efficiently on its own. Marie has extensive experience with this. 

By the way, the best neural translation machines will always need to be supervised by appropriately qualified humans, even after the Singularity reaches one of its critical points around 2029. Stay tuned for an explanatory essay that Ms. Winnick is writing about that. Translation machines are wonderful, but don't ever let anyone tell you that theirs is close to achieving human parity. That is a lie. 

Spanish and English transcriptions for academia, the arts and business: If you have a Spanish or English-language audio or video recording for which you need a transcript, Ms. Winnick would be delighted to get the job done correctly for an affordable price. For six years, she even did some live transcriptions for scientific research interviews while working at NORC at the University of Chicago. Contact her for:

  • podcasts
  • lectures
  • speeches
  • interviews
  • meetings
  • focus groups



Spanish > English legal documents: Ms. Winnick began doing legal translation during her legal translation class when she was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. She has since built a robust legal reference library and has experience translating the following types of documents. SDL Trados Studio and memoQ are her preferred CAT tools.

  • clinical trial applications and resolutions
  • answers to complaints
  • contracts and agreements
  • court decisions
  • divorce decrees
  • letters of credit
  • loan proposals
  • microfinance presentations
  • Official Mexican Standards
  • statutes
  • personal documents

U.S. federal and state court transcriptions: Marie is most interested in criminal and human rights law, though she does English court transcriptions in all areas. She has been a member of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers since 2017. Don't hesitate to request a recent work sample. Her capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • jury trials
  • bench trials
  • depositions
  • pretrial hearings
  • sentencing hearings
  • motions hearings
  • administrative hearings
  • grand jury indictments

Scripts, serious journalism and literature: Please inquire if you have an audio-book script, novel, short story, essay, news article, or any type of journalism or literature in Spanish or Italian that needs an English translation. Marie will make it read beautifully in U.S. English. She'll have fun doing it, too.

Don't hesitate to request a work sample!



Audio and video files accepted for transcription and subtitling: AAC, ACT, AIFC, AIFF, AMR, APE, AU, CAF (Apple Core Audio Format), DCT (Express Dictate, MSRS, etc.), DSP TrueSpeech, DSS, DVF (Sony Recorder), DVS (Royal Recorder), FLAC, OGG, M4A, MP2, MP3, MPC, MSV (Sony Recorder), QCP, RA/RM (RealAudio), SHN, SPX, VOC, VOX, WAV (Including ADPCM, aLaw, GSM 6.10, PCM and uLaw codecs, WMA, 3G2, 3GP, ASF, AVI, DivX, DV, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FTR, CourtSmart

Transcription software used: FTR Player, Liberty Court Player, CourtSmart and Express Scribe Pro



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