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Marie Winnick is a Chicago-based Spanish > English translator and transcriber with a special interest in criminal law and human rights law. She can handle all American English and most Spanish police audio recordings of suspect interviews, body-cam recordings, 911 calls, wire taps, witness statements, meetings, officer reports, jail phone calls, victim interviews, pre-text phone calls and anything else related to law enforcement. 

She is particularly interested in working on teams with other law enforcement transcribers from Mexico and Central America. When justice is contingent on having precise bilingual transcripts of recordings that can sometimes have poor sound quality, Ms. Winnick wants little or no words to have to be omitted and for every sentence to be translated accurately and cleanly. Hiring two expert, native-speaker linguists to transcribe and proofread is the most assuring way to make this happen. 

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Ms. Winnick received her Advanced Certificate in Spanish > English Translation Studies from the University of Chicago Graham School in the spring of 2014. She has seven years of experience as a freelance Spanish > English translator and six years of experience in-house as a bilingual data collector, transcriber and translator for the NORC at the University of Chicago. Here she conducted Spanish research interviews in the public interest for various U.S. government agencies and foundations, transcribed and translated interview responses and also recruited study participants.

She is a proud member of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers as of 2017 and a member of the American Translators Association as of 2012.

Her in-country experience includes many years of working and living in Chicago alongside many native Spanish-speakers from various countries, avid consumption of Latin American media and literature, as well as a few weeks of travel in Central America and Mexico.



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