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Marie Winnick earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago in 2006.

She loves to translate movie and TV subtitles from Italian and Spanish because it's like putting together an eleven-dimensional puzzle. The shot changes, audio timing, positioning of the words on the screen in order to complement the image, reading speed, line treatment, semantic accuracy of the translation, and appropriate style and register for each character on screen are only the first seven. It's like script analysis, screenwriting and post-production editing all at once. She wouldn't have it any other way.

In the past year, she has produced subtitles for several major television networks and streaming services, as well as respected independent video production companies. Subtitling a movie of supreme quality like the work of Guillermo del Toro, Pedro Almodóvar or Federico Fellini would make her life complete. She's definitely good enough to subtitle a movie to win an Oscar, so don't hesitate to contact her if you have a project that you really care about and need done perfectly.



Ms. Winnick started doing Spanish > English police transcriptions after being approached in 2018 by an agency project manager with a need for it. She had already been transcribing for several years and was familiar with a lot of Latin American dialects after living most of her life in the city of Chicago. She has transcribed for a major U.S. metropolitan police department, as well as a busy state police department. She has done stellar work on all types of audio from pretext phone calls to officer body-cam recordings. Justice in the U.S. Latino community has always been very important to her, so she is currently looking to have a long-term relationship with a transcription team of skilled native speakers from Mexico and northern Central America. She is a perfectionist, and she only wants to work with perfectionists.



Ms. Winnick grew up in a bilingual Italian-English household, has studied the language independently, and has traveled to northern Italy, Rome and Sicily. She started learning Spanish as a high school student and never stopped. She received her Advanced Certificate in Spanish > English Translation Studies from the University of Chicago Graham School in the spring of 2014. She plans to take the ATA Italian certification exam in 2021. 

Marie has seven years of experience as a freelance translator, as well as six years of experience as a bilingual data collector, transcriber and translator for the NORC at the University of Chicago. Here she conducted Spanish research interviews in the public interest for various U.S. government agencies and foundations, transcribed and translated interview responses and also recruited study participants.

In addition to her upbringing and travel throughout Italy, Ms. Winnick's in-country experience includes immersion travel to Central America and Mexico, avid consumption of Italian, Latin American and Spanish media and literature, and many years of living and working in Chicago alongside many native Spanish-speakers from various countries. She plans to live permanently between Italy and Latin America as soon as she earns her black belt from Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts. This should take about two more years.

She is a proud member of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers as of 2017 and a member of the American Translators Association as of 2012.


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